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Welcome to Your Story. Stories have been around since the beginning of time. We see stories in religion: Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad. We were read stories as children: The Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm, Aesop's Fables, fairy tales (Cinderella and Snow White.) We see stories in politics with Ronald Reagan, called "The Great Communicator." Was it because the words he chose were so eloquent, exquisite? Not at all. It's because he did what those silly movies he starred in did: he told stories.

Think back to the first two-syllable, complex words learned by most children. "Mommy". "Daddy". "Story". "Story, Mommy." "Tell story, Daddy." Why is it that children learn such a complex word when there are so many thousands to choose from? It's because stories are the way the human animal learns.

Whether you are selling a product, service, company or cause, if you’re like most salespeople, you have led with the wrong thing: benefits, features, or God forbid, price. Instead, learn to tell your story first. Why did you start working here? What extraordinary thing has your company or product done for one of your clients? Why did your company go into business in the first place? Tell me your story. Then let me help you share yours with the world.

Selling is more than creating a Vision or Mission Statement. It’s about telling your story. Whether you have 100 employees or are a company of one, learn to share yours. I help companies and individuals capture the essence of what they are all about, whether it’s creating a special marketing brochure or putting together a video of your top customers and clients.


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